Ashington & District Male Voice Choir
July 24 News

Concerts on 06.07.2024


Ashington & District Male Voice Choir paid their second tribute yesterday to the former coal miners of the region!

After performing at the Memorial Service at the Northumberland Miners' Picnic at Woodhorn Museum on Saturday, 8th June, the Choir performed two concerts at Beamish Museum. This was very fitting to perform these concerts in County Durham, a week before the Durham Miners' Gala will recognise the 40th Anniversary of the Miners' Strike.

The Choir presented a varied programme yesterday but it included a section of songs about coal mining - 'Song of Coal', 'Take Me Home', 'Working Man', 'The Colliers' Requiem' and 'Yard Seam, Bothal High'.

If you would be interested in joining this great choir from #ashington, then why don't you pop along to the Ashington Community Fair today and talk to some of the guys!